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SapientX: $1.5M+ Milestone

SapientX reaches $1.5M Milestone on StartEngine 

We are ecstatic to announce we have reached our first $1.5M+ in investments!

Our investors are the best. Thank you so much for supporting the SapientX vision and helping us to reach our financial goals.  We are working hard to be worthy of your investment. 

Intelligent, interactive, human-like avatars and revolutionary interactive speech are among the many AI-enabled innovations developed here at SapientX. Avatars that can converse with the user like a best friend and – even more impressively – they can learn from the user’s voice data and needs.

Seeing so many people across the country rally around our Voice Enabling AI technology shows that we’re on the verge of becoming a major player in a wide range of industries.

On a personal note, several of you have doubled down by writing me with offers to make business connections for us. Extending our network and exposing us to potential customers or partners is super helpful to a startup. You can always contact me via the link on our website. I respond to all emails personally.

We’re overwhelmed by your generosity, and we hope you’ll stick around to see how far we can take this historic raise!

We encourage all previous investors to reinvest and learn more on StartEngine!

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